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Project Amicus

For all the talk of equality, we live in a situation where close to 50% of our population is in constant exposure to discrimination. Women are perhaps the largest section of society that faces such discrimination. To think what the human race could achieve if we just treated women equally, whether it be socio-economic, educational or developmental problems, gender based discrimination is the bane of the human race. Whilst situations have improved over the years, the rate of such improvement is not nearly satisfactory with gender violence still being a rampant evil. Violence against children is also a rampant problem which is often linked to gender violence. Women and children are two of the most vulnerable groups which need to be protected and helped so as to achieve a more just and equitable society.

Keeping this mission in mind and under the patronage of law mantra, we bring to you project A. a legal initiative targeting social evils ailing women and children in society.

Whilst the issue itself is extremely wide and it would be arrogant to assume that we can solve these problems, however firm will, a strong work ethic and teamwork will eventually make the dream work and we as a nation and society will persevere as one.

The main objectives are as follows:-

  1. Alleviation of women and children.
  2. Prevention and timely redressal of sexual violence on women and children.
  3. Equal opportunity for women and children specifically from economically backward households.

With special emphasis on:-

  1. Providing legal aid to victims of sexual violence so as to give them speedy justice.
  2. Ensure compliance of CrPC by the police so that offenders are brought to task irrespective of the back ground.
  3. Rehabilitation of victims of prostitution, trafficking, rape, sexual violence, domestic violence.
  4. Sex education and gender sensitization.

Having established the above as our objectives, the process of attaining these goals needs to established. The stage wise process of achieving these goals is as follows:-

Stage 1- (3-4 months)

Creation of a network of volunteers in vulnerable areas (slum areas), police stations, colleges etc so as to get information of ground realities as well as reaching victims in need. Provide legal aid to victims and ensure that legal procedure is followed in the pursuit of justice

Stage 2- (1 year)

Create awareness amongst vulnerable groups as to their rights and privileges through camps and educational initiatives. Include health and sanitation aid, specifically in relation sanitary pads. Using government programs like skill India to initiate rehabilitation of victims of trafficking and sexual violence.

Stage 3- (post 1 year)

Undertake collaborative efforts with authorities and other organizations so as to achieve greater conformity with legal procedure as well as increase the scale of the projects operation and widen the horizons.

Step up the rehabilitation programs to include sponsoring of education and empowerment of victims as well helping minor children with narcotics related addictions.

A step wise breakdown so as to achieve the goals in stage 1 is as follows:-

  1. Identifying problem areas.
  2. Visiting said problem areas so as to determine the problems ailing vulnerable groups in the areas.
  3. Recruiting local volunteers in the problem areas so as to reach victims and vulnerable groups.
  4. Creating contacts with local law enforcement and other organizations so as to better understand the problems ailing women and children.
  5. Create an actionable plan to solve these problems.
  6. Generate awareness amongst women and children as to their rights and legal remedies.

Organizational structure

The project will be headed by a core committee of 5 members consisting of a project head, deputy head, and three members. The committee will be responsible o the leadership of the law mantra trust. Stage one of the project requires 15 volunteers spread out over the NCR region, divided amongst the districts.

The number of volunteers required will increase with time and the scale of the project, but 15 will be adequate for the first stage.



(Mr.Aaryaan Sadanand)

Head,Project Amicus

(Mr.Chetan Pathak)

Deputy Head, Project Amicus

Core Committee Member

(Mr.Abhishek Garg)

(Mr.Himanshu Rajauriya)

(Ms.Khushboo Dudani)