Youth Consultation for World Humanitarian Summit, India: Apply by June 18

The humanitarian landscape is changing with a growth in the scope and diversity of humanitarian needs, disasters, and humanitarian actors. The United Nations Secretary General has called for the World Humanitarian Summit (WHS), which will take place in Istanbul, Turkey, in May 2016, to improve the coordination of humanitarian actions and meet the needs of millions of people affected by conflicts or disasters.

Leading up to the WHS are eight regional and one global consultation. These aim to capture the priorities of different regions and of the global community. The process is managed by the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (UN OCHA). The WHS will bring the global community together to commit to a new agenda for humanitarian action beyond 2016. Young people have a recognized role in the process and the Summit. During disasters and conflicts, young people are considered a vulnerable group, whose individual and social development can be affected in the long-term . However, young
persons are also capable agents for change and possess unique, innovative, and effective solutions that contribute to improving humanitarian action. Organized youth networks and organizations, together with the use of new technologies, make young people important humanitarian actors, now and in the future.

The UN MGCY WHS Working Group seeks to comprehensively facilitate the meaningful participation of youth in the WHS and its preparatory process.

This “Youth consultation” is being organized under the mandate of United Nations Major Group for Children and Youth (UNMGCY) WHS working group for India on 21 June 2015.



All application must be received by 18 June 2015 11:00 IST


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