Volume 2 : February 2015 : Issue 3

Volume 2 : February 2015 : Issue 3

  1. Anti-Competitive Practices in the Indian Film Industry: An Investigative and Critical Analysis by Mr.Sujoy Sur  and Mr. Rajat Misra
  2. Market regulations in India and safeguards to avoid abuse of dominance by Mr. Shobhit Shukla and Mr. Mohammad Afeef Saadulla
  3. Competition Law and Automobile Industry by Mr.Archit Gupta and Mr.Ankit Agarwal

Special Issue

  1. “Builder’s Association of India V. Cement Manufacturers Association” by Mr. Sanni Kumar
  2. “Veto Power in the Security Council” by Mr.Tejasv Anand and Ms. Vaishali Gupta
  3. Consumer Protection: Rights of Consumers can Trusted for Success in India? by Dr.Monika Jain

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