Vande Mataram has been made mandatory to be sung and played in All Educational Institutions

This time Madras High Court has came forward and passed the Judgment to instill the feeling of patriotism among citizens, judgement follows the dictum of Supreme Court judgment where SC made mandatory of playing of National Anthem before screening of movie. Though it is an ancillary order passed by HC.

Court directs that “Vande Mataram” shall be played and sung in all schools/colleges/Universities and other educational institutions atleast once a week and the same to be sung and played in all government offices and institutions/ private companies/ factories and industries at least once a month.

Court further directs Director of Public Information is directed to upload and circulate the translated version of “Vande Mataram” in Tamil and English thereby making it available in the government websites and also in social media so that if anyone finds it difficult to sing in Bengali or in Sanskrit, he can sing the same in Tamil or English and the copy of order send to the chief secretary of the government of Tamil Nadu, who shall issue appropriate instructions to the concerned authorities.

Main plea of the Petitioner, who applied for the job of lecturer, is to challenge his non-appointment for the said post as He missed the cut off by one mark in the examination. He contended that he was wrongly deprived of one mark in a question which had asked for the language in which Vande Mataram was written, he answered that it was written in Bengali, the answer key said that it was written in Sanskrit. Court accepted the fact of it being written in Bengali, the same was accepted by the Government also, thereby, the Court ordered that the mark be awarded to the Petitioner, which might helps him to get appointed for the post.

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