Status of living entities to Ganga, Yamuna and their tributaries has stayed by Supreme Court

In the landmark judgment of Uttarakhand High Court, court declared  Ganga, Yamuna and their tributaries as living entities. Apart from the aforementioned, Court ordered for eviction of encroachers from river bed and cast a huge burden on the state government which was expected to take care of it like a human being and be accountable for its maintenance .

The Uttarakhand HC judgment  has been challenged before Supreme Court, in response to which, Supreme Court stayed the operation of above mentioned judgment as Court finds some ambiguities in the said judgment till the final adjudication.

The main ground of challenging  is that how chief secretary here be held accountable if the river is polluted in West Bengal, Bihar, Jharkhand or UP as the the aforementioned rivers has its tributaries in those states.


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