Author: Shailendra Kumar

Publisher: Regal Publications, New Delhi

(ISBN: 978-81-8484-441-2, 978-81-8484-442-9)

Price: Rs 280 (paperback)/ Rs 1080 (hardcover)

About the book

This book will introduce the concern on space legislation in India. India is a party to International Space Law Regime including Outer Space Treaty, Rescue Agreement, Liability Convention and Registration of Space Object Convention, and though India is not a party to Moon Agreement but the principles of International law are binding on India as per International law. India is conducting space program since the last 50 years but there is a legal vacuum as regards enactment of a legislation regulating space activities which needs to be filled by a suitable enactment. This book has discussed the necessity and importance of having a national legislation.

Indian Space program is the consequence of Indian endeavor, international co-operation and contribution by scientific community but in absence of national legislation, Indian liability for space activity is not defined precisely making it a dangerous terrain on account of private participation into Indian space activity and other legal complexities discussed in the book. The pressing need for a domestic mechanism for regulation of activities in the outer space cannot be undermined keeping in mind the enormous potentialities of utilization of this plane of resources. Besides this, insurance coverage for space activities is necessary and it should be regulated for welcoming and protecting private entities.

Space activities are not always conducted by state but also in collaboration with private companies, international organizations and more than two states in many cases. Multiplicity of actors makes it necessary to have precise and clear provisions for protection of intellectual property right gathered during the course of not only earthly experiments but also in a space vehicle, space or on celestial body making it imperative to have a national legislation in place at the earliest.

The author set out by discussing the international space law and contextualizing India’s position, and focuses on the relevance of a domestic framework in defining the obligations of the state as well as the private entities for whom India is responsible and at the same time, secure its own interests in outer space. This book is intended for people who are interested in acquiring knowledge on the challenges that lie ahead for our country in the field of law regulating the outer space.

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