Six inmates of the Tihar jail allowed to take up jobs outside the prison premises.

Government of India has taken a new initiative which would really help a country to be in an ameliorate state, government has allowed the six inmates of the Tihar jail  to take up jobs outside of prison premises.

They are housed in jail’s semi-open jail section. They can now seek employment anywhere within Delhi and will be allowed to work a 12-hour day, from 8 am to 8 pm. They will however need to report back to prison at night.

In view of their good conduct, they were moved to semi-open section of jail, where rules are more relaxed, and where inmates stay in the flats instead of the prison cells.

Committee reviewed records of all the 78 inmates in semi-open jail before selecting the six out of them.

The Prison Authorities will assist them in finding employment if inmates are unable to find the jobs by themselves. This happened first time only in Delhi Jail.

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