Sikkim, the first northeastern state to ban cow slaughter

The rules qua ban on cow slaughtering was framed by Centre through publication of notification in official gazette, however, it was stayed by Hon’ble Supreme Court, thereby Centre had concurred that the same requires afresh reconsideration. Though the Centre rules have been stayed, notwithstanding, Sikkim has passed a bill in order to prohibit the killing of cows and its progeny.

Offense for slaughtering of cow is cognisable and non-bailable under the act, further the offender shall be liable for imprisonment for a term of not less than two years, which can even be extended to five years, along with a minimum fine of Rs 10,000. A repeat offender will face rigorous imprisonment for at least five years, which may be extended to seven years along with a fine of no less than Rs 10,000.

The object of Act is to invoke a humane, ethical and sustainable alternative for taking care of aged and unproductive cows in gaushalas. By passing this law, Sikkim has been emerged as the first northeastern state to ban cow slaughter.


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