SC refused to grant interim stay over introduction of NOTA in Rajya Sabha election

Congress chief whip challenged the introduction of NOTA by Election Commission in indirect elections, Petition has filed by Petitioner before upcoming poll for three Rajya Sabha seats in Gujarat. Petitioner also sought the interim stay on such introduction.

Plea raised by Petitioner is that such introduction would lead to corruption as the member of respective parties could be bought by other party which would be detrimental for the party and such notification is ex facie impedes the statute. BJP hasn’t opposed the contentions, which clears that they also do not relish with the move of Election Commission.

However, Supreme Court was not satisfied with the contention so as to grant interm stay on notification but in the meantime, SC expressed its concern and said that NOTA option is a constitutional issue which needs to be debated, therefore fixed the matter on 19 September for detailed hearing.

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