SC found Justice Karnan guilty in Contempt Proceedings

Yesterday, Justice Karnan found 7 Supreme Court judges guilty under SC-ST Act and sentenced them to 5 years rigorous punishment, now its Supreme Court who in today’s hearing found Karnan guilty in contempt proceedings against him and punishing him with six months jail.

Court observed that Justice Karnan is guilty of contempt of SC, judiciary and judicial process. Senior advocate KK Venugopal, who was assisting Supreme Court in this proceeding against put up a question before bench that Should the court wait till his retirement otherwise sending him to jail would create a blemish in the history of judiciary as a sitting judge being jailed. In Response to this Court said contempt power does not recognise or differentiate who is what — a judge or a common man.

It is pertinent to mention here that Judicial and administrative powers of Justice Karnan has been suspended but power of Supreme Court judges is not subjected to same. Court directed West Bengal DGP to take into custody the disgraced judge.

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