SC Amend rules on Cattle Smuggling across the border

The Supreme Court on Tuesday asked the Centre to extend to the India-Bangladesh border areas because the rules formulated by Centre to safeguard people from counter-cross of border cattle smuggling to Nepal. A Bench led by Chief Justice of India J.S. Khehar was informed by government counsel that the Livestock Animals Rules and Case Property Animals Maintenance Rules to prevent cattle-smuggling across the Nepal border, framed in December 2016 on the basis of the Supreme Court’s orders, were now with the Union Law Ministry prior to its notification.

The government said the rules may have negative effects for both the nations and India would also have to face consequences. Farmers and Cattles are the one who have to suffer from this. On the authorities’ efforts to curb cattle-smuggling and they envisaged joint action by paramilitary forces and the district administrations. So that no illegal action can be done by any of them. Earlier on Monday, the Centre had proposed issuing “unique identification number sequences” for cows and their progeny to protect them from cattle smuggling. In this people have to undergo with lot many procedures and have to prove their nationality but this identification number creates transparency among people.

Government of India, has devised a method of tamper-proof identification of cattle using polyurethene tags with unique identification number sequence. This makes them different from rest of the cattle. This may be made mandatory for all cow and its progeny throughout India for all cattle that is owned.

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