Rajasthan HC recommend Centre and State government to declare cow as national animal

Rajasthan High Court Judge Justice Mahesh Chandra Sharma while delivering a judgement on a petition by Jago Janata Society, an NGO, alleging corruption and mismanagement of the Hingonia goshala near Jaipur made a recommendation to state and Centre to declare cow as the national animal of India.

He also recommend that punishment for cow slaughter be steeply escalated from ten years to life term under the Rajasthan Bovine Act 1995. Court put reliance on Articles 48 and 51-A (g) of the Constitution, the government must try to give the cow the status of a legal entity.

He further said that legal entity not to be accorded only because cows are revered by the Hindus but the facts, the country’s economy is heavily dependent on agriculture and dairy.

Many of the southern states have refused to implement the Centre’s directive on the ground that it is infringing on states’ powers to frame their own laws on animal slaughter.

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