Pratinidhitva’ Nirma University’s Model Indian Parliament

‘Pratinidhitva’ is the Nirma University’s Model Indian Parliament (MIP) which is being organized under the aegis of Nirma University. Model Indian Parliament is a simulation of Indian Parliament and various other committees where students learn about diplomacy, parliamentary procedure, and political demographics of country. It involves and aims to teach research, public speaking, debating, writing skills in addition to teamwork, critical thinking and leadership ability.
Pratinidhitva is an initiative where young minds of this country shall meet to discuss the future of their country and discuss and debate on agendas of national importance. In this edition of  Pratinidhitva, three committees are being simulated namely i) Historic Lok Sabha, ii) All India Political Party Meet and iii)Lok Sabha.
The agendas for various committees are as follows:

i)  Historic Lok Sabha:
A committee of 80 Parliamentarians representing various political parties in the year 1990. The distribution would be made as per actual representation in the year 1990. The agenda for discussion is No Confidence Motion against the V.P. Singh Government , November 1990. The meteoric rise of the BJP yielding rich dividends with the Ram Mandir Card, implementation of the report of Mandal Commission: A trump card or a miscalculation?

ii)  All India Political Parties Meet:
A total number of 50 delegates will represent various political parties of the nation and will deliberate on India’s Foreign Policy with Respect to Baluchistan and Kashmir, as Kashmir is in troubled waters while Baluchistan is in Distraught. There has been a radical shift in India’s Foreign Policy with this respect, thus this will be an agenda of intense debate and fierce discussion.

iii) Lok Sabha:
A committee of around 80 delegates will be formed representing various parliamentary constituencies. The distribution will be on the basis of actual representation of parties in Lok Sabha. The agenda of this committee will be National Prevention and Control of Organised Conversion Bill, 2016. Taking into account the right to convert religion within the umbrella of right to profess and propagate religion, the need of a new law governing aspects related with conversion will form the epicenter of debates.

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