Patna HC upheld the life imprisonment awarded to Shahabuddin and his accomplices

Former RJD leader against whom great scores of cases have been registered, out of which one has been exhibited very much as the audacious parents of victims even rugged the doors of Supreme Court against the bail granted by Patna HC, thereby SC relieved them by canceling his bail.

Satish and Girish Raushan, both brothers in their early 20s, were kidnapped and killed brutally in Siwan after they refused to pay Rs2.5 lakh extortion to Shahabuddin’s adjutants. The elder brother Rajeev Raushan of duos was also kidnapped with them, but he had managed to escape.

Rajeev being the sole eyewitness remained underground for more than five years, however, later he was killed, just three days before he was to depose for the second time in the case. On December 12, 2015, special judge convicted Shahabuddin and the three others.

The aforesaid conviction was appealed before Patna HC, Court also upheld the life imprisonment awarded to murder convicts.

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