Pandher and Koli sentenced to death in Nithari case

Prolonged trial and inquiry pertaining to 2006 serial Nithari rape and murder case has come to an end after CBI special judge pronounced death sentence to Moninder Singh Pandher and Surinder Koli.

Pandher alleges the plea of alibi, he says that he had left for Dehradun on October 5, 2006, from his Noida office and returned on October 10 which immunes his involvement in the case. Both the convicts had already been convicted and sentenced in six cases, while nine were in various stages of trial.

Conviction order was passed by court on Saturday, today court pronounced the quantum of punishment. Between 2009 and 2016, Koli and Pandher was sentenced to death for the murders of several women, police found skeletal remains of 19 victims, mostly girls during investigation of case.

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