LAW MANTRA     (Think Beyond Others)
  • Extending Social Security to Developing Countries

    Abstract The complicated, confusing and inefficiency in the system of the developing countries has created a lot of hurdle in delivery of workable social security schemes. The need of an hour is to pump support from external sources. The viability of schemes implemented by developed world and International organizations have been able to improve the

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  • Prevention of Abuse and Evasion of Taxing Statutes

    INTRODUCTION “Tax can be evaded by breaking the law or avoided in terms of the law” remarked the Supreme Court in its decision of Punjab Distilling Industries v. CIT. The word evasion may mean either of two things. It may mean an evasion of the Act by something while it evades the Act, is within

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  • Law Mantra Journal : Volume 1,Issue 1

                                        July, 2013 Issue   Islamic Legal System of the World By Naresh Singh Unrelenting War of Israel and Gaza: Legal Issues, Immediate Causes and Consequences of Recent Clash By Shashank Pathak Extending Social Security to Developing Countries By Utkarsh Pandey

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