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  • legal desire
    Opportunity: Legal Desire hiring; apply by April 30.

    Opportunity: Legal Desire hiring in various Post Legal Desire is growing at a fast pace globally. We are delightful by figuring out that we have a tons of users registered on our website and many are very keen to work with Legal Desire. Therefore, to fulfil the said purpose we are providing an opportunity to

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  • work-with-us
    Opportunity: Law Mantra seeks for post of Director Operation, Editor and Proof reader; Non-Profitable

    Job Description: Director Operation (1), Editor (2), Co-Editor (3), Proof Reader (3)  Director Operation(1) Responsibilities: – Organise events, head a team of young people and manage the day affairs of the organization.Maintaining customer satisfaction as per set targets.Responsible to the General Manager for The day to day operations of the unit.To lead, manage and deliver the

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  • National_University_of_Study_and_Research_in_Law_Ranchi

    ABOUT THE JOURNAL In order to encourage critical writing on issues of contemporary relevance that cut across various  disciplines, the National University of Study and Research in Law, Ranchi proposes to launch the maiden issue of the bi-annual NUSRL JOURNAL ON LAW AND POLICY. Articles and other contributions for possible publication are welcome and these as

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  • sadsfdghfg

    The NLUO Student Law Journal is the flagship publication of the Student Journal Committee (SJC), National Law University, Odisha (NLUO). It is a biannual, double-blind peer reviewed student journal dedicated to the study and research of contemporary legal issues from an Indian perspective. For its upcoming issue (Volume 1, Issue 2), the Journal invites original,

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