Law Mantra Journal : Volume 1,Issue 6

                December, 2013 and Jan & Feb,2014 Issue

  1. Adequacy of Legal and Regulatory Framework to Combat Corruption in India by:-Lalit Ajmani (Student)
  2. Compulsory Licensing of Intellectual Property Rights: A Regulatory Overlap between the Powers of Competition Authority and Intellectual Property Authorities in India by:-Aakshita Bansal (Student) 
  3. Concept of Lokpal by Ms. Mona Mahecha, Ph.D. Scholar From Jai Narain Vyas University, Jodhpur.
  4. Essential Facilities Doctrine: Meaning and Applications as per the US and EC Laws by:-Aisha Ahmed Sharfi (PhD, WBNUJS) 
  5. Evaluation of Corporate Social Responsibilities as per Companies act, 2013,By:-Vishnumolakala Chandra Sekhar and Harsh Vardhan Sharma, (Student,D.S.N.L.U)
  6.  Executing Death Sentence: Who Holds The Key? By:-Shabna Haris, (Student, KLA)
  7. Is the Mechanism of Universal periodic review overrated? a critical analysis of the functioning of Universal Periodic review in the context of adderessing Human Rights issues by:-Sandeep Menon Nandakumar (Lecturer, School of Legal Studies CUSAT)
  8. Jammu & Kashmir: The Conflict of Article 370 By:-Mayuri Gupta, (Student)
  9. Legislative Force Backing Corporate Social Responsibility in India- The way to Go? By:-Shantanu Dey (Student)
  10. Satellite Image and Copy Right Protection: A critical analysis by:-Shailendra Kumar (PhD, WBNUJS)
  11. The Era of Digital Piracy By:-Anil Vishnoi, National Law University, Orissa
  12. Natural Law By:-Jayani de silva 
  13. Genesis And Nature Of Article 370 Of The Indian Constitution By:-Sudhanshu Shekhar

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