Law Mantra Journal: Volume 1, Issue 11

August 2014 Issue


  1. The armed forces personnel versus article 33 by Jyoti Chatterjee, Research Scholar, WBNUJS.
  2.  Nature of International Law With Applicability in the Contemporary World – Discussing Two Scenarios from Post Cold War by Jayani De Silva LL.B. (Hons) (Colombo).
  3. Critical and Comparative Study of  “Consumer’s Right ProtectionLaw” in Iran, withUnited Nations Guidelines for Consumer Protection by Mehrdad HassanZadeh Dugoori, Distinguished Professor: Faculty Member of Islamic Azad University Central Tehran Branch (IAU) Tehran, Iran and Iman Mohammadali Tajrishi, Docterial Student in Marketing: Islamic Azad University Central Tehran Branch (IAU), and Project Management Office (PMO) of Pars Oil and Gas Company Tehran, Iran.

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