Law as Career: Interview with Prof.Aman Mishra

Our renowned editor and Managing Director Aditya Mishra got a chance to catch up with Aman Mishra . Here we are glad to present the interview on our website. 1290056_10151707925302745_1693968342_n

Law Mantra: Sir, tell us about something about yourself, and specifically what brought you to want to be a teacher?

Aman Mishra : After the completion of my law degree from BACL, Nagpur, my first brush of struggle started and I immediately realized that my LL.B would not be enough to survive in this wide panic-stricken jungle of legal profession. This made me to pursue my LL.M from the Symbiosis School of Law, Pune. It was here that I decided to choose the law teaching as my preferred professional destination. During my post-graduate studies, I happened to meet and converse with many highly revered ‘Gods’ of Indian legal education like Prof. Dr. Madhava Menon, Prof. B.B. Pande, Prof. Dr. Mukund Sarda, who ultimately became the fountain source of my inspiration and also infused  in me the thirst to excel in legal academics. 


Law Mantra: Whom do you admire as your role model? And why?

Aman Mishra: With all honesty and candour, I would submit that as our priority changes in the legal profession so does our role models from time to time. Thus, I had many legends of legal profession as my role model like famous American lawyer Clarence Darrow who is best known for his exceptional skills of a razor sharp litigator and a great academician turned Associate Justice of the US Supreme Court, Justice Frankfurter. Similarly in India, the men who built the great modern Indian legal education system like Prof. Dr. Madhava Menon and his fellow associates have special place and enormous respect in my heart. I would be failing in my duties if I don’t mention the name of Prof. Dr. S. Hazare, who is the doyen of Indian Constitutional law subject and who had mentored me during my post-graduate studies at SLS, Pune in an incomparable and rare style.


Law Mantra: Please tell us about the struggle you faced in your life (if any), as a student.

Aman Mishra: Unfortunately, life is extremely difficult for a student who does not hail from any of the National Law School or any other top tier law schools of India. There were many challenges lined up before me as a law student. Back then, I had realized that apart from the regular classes, I need to master other skills as well, if at all, I wish to do well in my studies. And then, I had my first tryst with mooting as a law student.  I founded my salvation in mooting. Mooting is the soul of legal education. I realized that mooting is the future of any law student and anyhow I have to find a way for a happy mooting. Mooting helped me almost everywhere in the legal profession.

Law Mantra: Are you satisfied with your profession? Did you ever regret your choice of career?

Aman Mishra: I know that law teaching is always an underpaid job in India. However, when I see a twinkle in the eyes of my students when they understand something that I had taught them, everything seems so small. So, teaching has proved to be very much satisfactory job for me.


Law Mantra: Sir, what is your View on Law as a Career?

Aman Mishra: In earlier times, the legal job opportunities were restricted and limited in their nature. In today’s globalized era, the domain of Law indeed offers floodgates of new opportunities There are many options for the students who possess the law degree. Many opportunities are knocking the doors and renowned international law firms, corporate houses, government bodies are keen to hire young aspirant lawyers for their enormous bulky work which requires a legal touch. International and renowned national legal internships breakthroughs await the intelligent young and aspirant law students to help them prosper their career in law. Law is like an ocean, if you learn to swim, legal profession becomes an interesting adventure. The more careful and well you swim, more are the chances for your success. At the bottom of the ladder of Success and glory there is a tough competition, however, there is no competition at the top. However, one should never ever give up. 


Law Mantra: Sir, you are Coordinator of P.N Bhagwati International Moot Court and every student has desire to win such a prestigious moot court, what is your tips and advice to Students?

Aman Mishra: Moots are won only on three things. Practice, Practice and Practice. There is no other alternative or short cut for the success. Also many of the times, it is observed that students fight their cases on the basis of facts and not law which is not welcomed in mooting. They have to fight on legal issues and should not be misguided with the facts. Mooting mentors must update them about the pros and cons of mooting in detail. Within a very short span of time, we have earned a reputable name and enormous respect for Justice P.N. Bhagwati International Moot Court Competition on Human Rights. Thus, the expectations from the participants are now even higher and also competition will be tough enough as many international and national teams will participate in the competition every succeeding year. Our Fourth edition of this Competition is also in the pipeline and soon we will unleash details of the competition with more surprises for sure.  I am very much proud to be the Co-ordinator of this esteemed international moot court competition.


Law Mantra: What are your views about Law Mantra?

Aman Mishra: Law Mantra is an innovative web portal and online journal successfully catering the needs of the legal academics as well as law students. There are many browsing options for the reader and explorer. I am sure that soon it will be India’s one of the leading and most preferred web portal.


Law Mantra: What is your advice to students who wants to make law as a career?

Aman Mishra:Never ever give up. Come what may! Have faith in yourself, do your best and leave the rest.  Importantly, realize your own interests in law subjects and prefer for specialization. Legal profession is all about perseverance and will to excel, it is all about testifying your god-blessed oral and written skills. Finally, it is all about serving the society as a whole. So fasten your seatbelts and be ready for a grand roller-coaster ride in the world of law.


Thanks a lot sir for giving reply to all the questions hope all suggestion helps students to build their career.


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