Kerala High Court restores life ban on Sreesanth

BCCI found Sreesanth guilty in the wake of the IPL spot-fixing scandal and thereby, affixed him with life ban. Aggrieved from the aforesaid, former cricketer placed an appeal before Kerala High Court, upon which Single Judge Bench revoked the ban.

BCCI’s CEO via Letter Patent Appeal challenged the aforementioned revocation, The Division Bench headed by Chief Justice Navniti Prasad Singh ruled that Single Judge erred by reappraising the evidence put forth before disciplinary committee which is contrary to the settled position of law that a High Court, while exercising its jurisdiction under Article 226, could not “reappraise the evidence” collected during the inquiry or substitute its own finding with the disciplinary authority’s findings.

Ground was raised by Sreesanth that he was acquitted from all the charges by Court, annoting the above High Court held that discharge in criminal proceedings has no bearing on disciplinary proceedings, and hence the discharge in criminal cases registered by Delhi Police was of no consequence.

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