Kerala High Court: Don’t Use Every Inter-Religious Marriage To Disturb Communal Harmony In Kerala

The Kerala High Court begins the judgment by quoting American Poet and activist Maya Angelou before taking strong objection to the attempts to derail the communal harmony prevalent in the State.

Love recognises no barriers. It jumps hurdles. Leaps fences.Penetrates its walls to arrive at its destination full of hope.”

A Bench comprised of Justices V Chitambaresh and SatishNinan while allowing a Habeas Corpus petition filed by a husband also warned not to portray every inter-religious marriage on a religious canvass.

The petitioner AneesHameed had married SruthiMeledath, his classmate. Sruthi was subsequently, detained by her parents for marrying a Muslim man. She was also taken to a Yoga Centre where she was allegedly confined and harassed by the counsellors and staff members there.

The Court allowed the petition filed by Anees and held that Sruthi cannot be detained against her wishes at her parental home or at the Yoga Centre.

“She cannot be detained against her wishes either at her parental home or in the Yoga Kendra. Sruthi is ordered to be set at liberty and it is for the couple to decide their future course of action without any interference from her parents or from any corner whatsoever which the police shall ensure.”

The Court also proceeded to quote the judgment of the Supreme Court in Lata Singh v. State of Uttar Pradesh in which the Court had encouraged inter-caste marriages.

The Court  also warned against disturbing the communal harmony in Kerala by painting every inter-religious marriage on a religious canvass.

“We caution that every case of inter-religious marriage shall not be portrayed on a religious canvass and create fissures in the communal harmony otherwise existing in God’s Own Country – Kerala.”


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