Kerala HC: Law related to divorce need to be Codified

Kerala High Court urged the need for codified law with regard to divorce as while disposing the three cases involving divorced Muslim women including change of name in spouse in passport for a person who had ended his marriage by triple talaq, HC said equality before law has been denied to Muslim women in India in the matter of triple talaq.

Court further said justice has become elusive to Muslim women and remedy lies in codification of law of divorce. Justice Mohammed Mushtaq came out with a opposing of the triple talaq practise, he said it is for the Central Government to formulate the law relating to divorce through the process of legislation.

The copy of judgement to the Law Ministry and Law Commission of India. The court added that the Quran nowhere approves triple talaq in one utterance and on the other hand promotes conciliation as best method to resolve marital discord. Court laid emphasis that there is a need for common civil code.

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