Justice Karnan found 7 Supreme Court judges guilty under SC/ST Atrocities Act of 1989

Sitting Calcutta High Court Judge Justice CS Karnan against whom Supreme Court initiated contempt proceedings has today taken a bold step as we already knew that he also initiated criminal proceedings against 7 Supreme Court judges under SC/ST Atrocities Act of 1989 and amended Act of 2015, he found all the Supreme Court judges guilty and  sentenced them for five years of rigorous imprisonment.

Few days before Supreme Court ordered a medical examination of justice Karnan, he turned away a team of psychiatrists tasked by the Supreme Court. The judge claimed he had a “stable mind”, and then contended that the team cannot conduct an evaluation “without the presence of a guardian”.

Tussle between him and Supreme Court started after he named 20 “corrupt judges” of the country and wrote to Prime Minister Narendra Modi demanding an investigation. Today, he found 7 judges guilty of caste discrimination, conspiracy, harassment and misuse of contempt proceedings.

However, Supreme Court on last on cleared that orders passed by Justice Karnan would have applicability.


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