Interview of the convener Moot court Society School of Law, Christ University

L.M: Why should a team come to SLCU ?

Eldhose Paul Sunny: Christ University is one of the most upcoming law colleges in India. It is already established in the fora of Mooting and boasts of a rich holistic mooting culture. The campus is centrally located in the midst of the city, and bears an enviable green cover and an aesthic and state-of-the-art-infrastructure. Furthermore a booming 50 plus law colleges are coming from all over India to engage in this intellectually stimulating activity of mooting. The moot problem is very challenging and structured to kindle those grey cells. Also, the plethora of judges and the high calibre court room discussions are designed to provide to the participants a varied intellectual experience.

L.M: Tips to participants?

Eldhose Paul Sunny:The most important advice to all the participants is to enjoy the mooting process thoroughly. The participants are also advised to take thrill in all the aspects of the event and enjoy the same. Obviously, the participants have to work hard inorder to crack this problem. In a competition like this, there lot of scope for the participants to acquire various experience and exposure. Thus, even though the competition shells out a winner at the eventual course of the event, it is important for all the participants to realise that participation is important and rather, putting up a fight out there matters more than the emergent winner.

L.M: Who are your chief sponsors?

Eldhose Paul Sunny: This is a flagship moot that is the pride of School of Law, Christ University. All the events regarding the moot are intricately crafted by the students of the college itself in order to ensure maximum comfort to the participants. Thus, this time we are not working with any chief sponsor.

L.M: That’s great! A flagship Moot organised by the students! Can you tell us more about this 5th SLCU National Moot Court Competition 2014?

Eldhose Paul Sunny:This year’s moot problem dwells around Environmental Law as in the current sphere it is vital to sensitise the students about the various imminent problems plaguing the environment. We are the generation that has to take hold of the reins of the future, and thus we must be aware about the balance needed between sustainable development and corporate growth and strive to ensure that our environment is preserved and progresses into the positive. Thus, the students have a challenge in this Moot to debate and deliberate on the various urgent issues of the environment. The problem is drafted by Dr.SairamBhat, who is the visiting faculty of Law and teaches Infrastructure Contract at NLUO. He is an eminent person well versed in different spectrums of Environmental Law.

L.M: A mix of environment and law! Sounds very interesting. But what are the awards that the winning teams are bestowed with?

Eldhose Paul Sunny: The Winner gets a huge amount of Rs.30,000/- and the runner up are given Rs.20,000/- and the best speaker and the best memorial are awarded Rs.6,000/- each. The participants will also get an unmatched experience and exposure in this whole mooting phenomenon.


Eldhose Sunny( Convenor Moot Court Society,School of Law, Christ University)

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