Hyderabad HC: Cow is “sacred national wealth” which is a “substitute to Mother and God”

Few days earlier, Rajasthan High Court recommended Centre and State government to declare cow as a national animal of India. This time, on Friday, Hyderabad High Court observed that cow is “sacred national wealth” which is a “substitute to Mother and God”.

High Court directs veterinary doctors of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh to brought the persons under penal net who drive healthy cows to slaughter houses by fraudulently certifying on the pretext that they are unfit for giving milk. AP Cow Slaughter Act, 1977 allows slaughter of cows only if they are certified to be old and unproductive.

Court further directed that the Act should be amended and the offences under it should be made non-bailable and cognizable.

Cattle trader approach the HC after a trial court had rejected his petition, he filed the petition as his cattle’s has been seized by the authorities, he claimed that he had brought them there for grazing. however, prosecution alleged that he bought the cattle from farmers for slaughtering them.

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