Government of India will provide new law if Triple Talaq would be stucked

During the regular hearing on the constitutionality of Triple Talaq, government of India seeek that the constitutionality of polygamy and nikah halala should also be clubbed with this very matter. However, SC said it was keeping open the issues of practice of polygamy and ‘nikah halala’ among Muslims for adjudication in future as it’s not be possible to deal with all the three issues in the limited time we have. We will keep them pending for future.

Attorney general Mukul Rohtagi also insisted the court be saying that All these three issues are before this court by virtue of the reference order of the two- judge bench, still court rejected the plea and said it will dealt in future.

When Court ask about the remedy which Muslim community will regulate the divorce and marriage if this practice would be stucked, to which AG said it will come out with a law to regulate marriage and divorce among Muslims.

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