Good Governance Yatra Travel Program for Change Agents [Dec 15-23, Delhi, UP, Bihar]: Apply by Oct 22

VIF is a young think-tank by alumni and faculty of various IITs that also trains, engages and mentors young bright minds in Public Policy and Governance.
We have launched the fourth edition of our flagship travel program, Good Governance Yatra (GGY). GGY is an immersive, first-hand experience of model governance projects across multiple states of India. The entire program is structured around gaining a holistic understanding of public systems in India, ranging from pan-India projects like Ujjwala Scheme to local rural-development projects like Solar Village (Dharnai, Bihar). This edition we are traveling via the states of Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, and Bihar, and we feel a lot of law students/practicing lawyers would find it interesting.
It would be immensely beneficial for law students/lawyers to find a learning opportunity for their December vacations at your portal. Please find the mailer attached below. You can have a look at our website: for more details, or get back to me for any specific questions/clarifications.
Travel. Immerse. Explore.
Good Governance Yatra
A single government program in India touches the lives of a billion+ people.
How are these programs designed, and implemented in challenging and diverse conditions? How does a government reach out to a massive citizenry? These stories are never heard, never experienced first hand.Good Governance Yatra is an immersive travel program that provides a first-hand exposure to good governance models. It is an experiential learning platform for aspiring change makers to interact with the visionaries behind the project and learn about the intricacies of policy in action, among a host of other things.

Highlights of the program:
  • 9-day expedition to explore good governance models across India
  • Experience the model governance projects across various domains
  • Travel with a diverse cohort and experience a fulfilling journey across India
  • Interact with last-mile governance leaders and role-models in public policy
  • Network with the best-performing policy-makers and leading policy thinkers
  • Co-learn with future-leaders passionate about nation-building
15th – 23rd December, 2017
Delhi – Uttar Pradesh – Bihar
1 journey   9 days   10 projects   12 role-models   80 delegates  2000 kms
Find Out More
Here is a tentative list of projects for the yatra:
See the selection process and registration details here.
Selection Process
The role-models, we have met in our last editions can be seen here.
Role Models
You can see projects from the previous editions over here:
Past Projects

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