Ganga and Yamuna will be recognised as legal person

As directed by High Court of Uttrakhand, the sacred and holy river of India gets a status of a legal person. Ganga and Yamuna will now be recognized as the legal person, they will get the same right as the person is having. The court appointed three state official to act as the guardian of the over the rivers where they can carry legal acts to protect them.

Ganga is most sacred river fo the Hindu’s. They take ritual baths around a year and there is special crowd during the Kumbh Melas. Peoples offer prayer, as well scattering ashes. But from last few years Ganga is not that pure, industries dumping their wastes making the river dirty and polluted. PM Modi took some steps appointed a special committee for it.

Now court took the charge and now Ganga and Yamuna will get the same right as the ordinary people have.

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