Criminal Defamation case filed against Rahul Gandhi for linking Gauri Lankesh’s murder with RSS

Jounalist Gauri Lankesh was killed on September 6 by unidentified assailants at her residence in Karnataka. Criminal Defamation case has been filed against Congress party’s president viz Rahul Gandhi and CPM general secretary Sitaram Yechury by RSS activist for allegedly linking the organisation to the murder of Gauri Lankesh.

Lawyer representing activist alleged that the actions and words of the accused’s persons pointing a finger on the organization pertaining to the unfortunate demise of Gauri Lankesh, eventuality of the aforesaid actions,  he being an RSS worker, he was humiliated and defamed before the common people.

Complainant claimed that the allegations are baseless and have malicious force behind it as it have been made without any proof or official statement by the investigating authorities.

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