Common Citizens Are Harassed By Certain Delhi Development Authority Officers .

DELHI DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY was the Appellant while M/S Trilok & Co. & Anr. were  Respondents.  Delhi Development Authority (DDA) is a body which controls and owns huge tracts of land in Delhi. DDA is sometimes infamous with respect to its dealings with common citizens and especially poor persons who have no approach.   The Court was hearing an Execution Second Appeal filed by the DDA, refusing to hand over possession of the suit plot to the decree holders, contending that the Authority was entitled to payment of Rs. 1.5 lakhs as ground rent.





Hon’ble Mr. Justice Valmiki J.Mehta heard the matter in The Delhi High Court, scorned at the Delhi Development Authority for filing frivolous objections against execution of an earlier order.

He said that  “I have already stated above the angst of this Court with respect to bodies such as the appellant/DDA and which think that they are law unto themselves. It is high time that strict action be taken against certain officers of public bodies like DDA who are harassing common/ordinary citizens of this country, and that too in spite of appellant/DDA having against it a judgment and decree dated 18.7.2012 which has become final.”


“Accordingly, it is seen that this appeal is a completely frivolous appeal. Appeal is therefore dismissed with costs of Rs.25000/-, to be deposited with the website and these costs of Rs.25000/- shall be recovered by the appellant from the salary of that highest placed employee of the appellant who has taken the decision to object to the grant of possession of the suit plot to the successful decree holders without payment of the ground rent. “  




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