Centres Mulls Declare NRI Husbands As “Absconders” Who Abandon Their Wives In India.

The Centre is proposing changes in the code of criminal procedure (CrPC) to declare “absconders”to  the NRI husbands who abandon their wives in India and fail to honour court summons in the case thrice. It has also proposed that the husbands’ and their parents’ properties in India be attached.
The external affairs ministry has written to the ministries of law and home to consider the proposed amendments in the CrPC pertaining to court summons. “It has been seen that the NRI husbands who abandon their wives keep evading court summons. If this change comes through in CrPc, then it will not be possible to do so. After three summons it will be considered that the man is absconding and his name is proposed to be added to a list of absconders on the MEA website,” WCD minister Maneka Gandhi said.
“We are in the process of writing to the minstry of home affairs asking them to amend Section 473 of the CrPC. This change will enable the removal of time limit for filing a case,” secretary, WCD, R K Shrivastava said at apress conference. The WCD ministry has been receiving many complaints of incidents that occurred many years ago.


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