Call for Papers: NUALS’ Seminar Access to Medicine, Human Rights and IPR [Aug 17-18]: Submit by June 30

The debate surrounding the implementation of human right to health is fresh and full of possibility for the developing world. The draft National Health Policy 2015 (NPH) released on 31 December 2014 seems to have its heart in the right place. Its intentions are noble— universal and affordable healthcare. Its understanding of the challenges is clear— Cost of Care and Efforts at Financial Protection, pathetic state of primary care, scarcity of trained human resources, fragmented approach to healthcare delivery, and so on. More than its avowed goals and strategies, however, what has attracted the most attention so far is the policy’s intent to make health a fundamental right. On the eve of heated debates and discussions on conferring the status of fundamental right to health, it is relevant to discuss the contours of IPR issues which hinder access to medicines. Each and every aspect needs a critical analysis to reach a transparent and clear understanding of the barriers for access to medicine and to find out a way forward to promote public health and human rights. Though the topic has been the focus of endless discussions, which started on the eve of TRIPS, its importance has never diminished. The concerns of accessibility, availability and affordability of medicines continue to be relevant, as aspects of IPR hinder the free flow of medicines, posing a serious threat to the right to health which is protected as a core obligation under international human rights documents and the Indian Constitution. Keeping in view the various ramifications of the issue, we are pleased to announce that NUALS, Kochi will hold a two-day International Seminar on ACCESS TO MEDICINES AND NOVEL MEDICAL TECHNOLOGIES – HEALTH, HUMAN RIGHTS AND IPR PERSPECTIVES under its auspices of its Centres of Health Law and Policy, Centre for Intellectual Property Rights and Centre for Human Rights.


Important Dates:

Last date for Online Registration 12th August, 2015

Submission of Abstracts 30th June ,2015

Communication of Abstract Acceptance 2nd, July, 2015

Submission of Full paper 30th July,2015

Intimation of Full paper Acceptance On or before 5st August 2015

Date of payment of Registration fee On or before 10th August 2015


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