Call For Papers: National Conference on ‘Social Transformation and Media : Realities and Challenges’ [3-4 October, Jaipur]: Submit by 15 August, 2015

In the present era of globalization, which gives importance to free flow of information, media acquires an important role. It has played a decisive role in making this world a global village. There is a close relationship between media and society. They share a complex, bidirectional, dynamic and evolving relationship. The extensive use of social, print and electronic media indicates the increasing popularity of media in society. All these media channels have influenced the social and cultural fabric of our society. They have also altered our ideas about social problems, gender, politics and other vital social issues. Media is powerful because of our need for entertainment and updation of knowledge and information. The dominating roles of media, technology and knowledge, the constituent units of socio-economic development in 21st century will determine effectively the future dynamics of human civilization. This process has outlined new roles and responsibilities for media. The current debate which is being raised in contemporary society is whether media is reflecting or affecting society and whether media is simply sensational and recreational or sensitive and responsible? There are fundamental differences between media representations and ground realities which create identity crisis among individuals. Moreover, there are vital social issues like sustainable development, social exclusion, gender discrimination, social and economic inequalities regionalism, communalism etc which need urgent attention of media so that appropriate interventional strategies can be made. This conference has been planned to achieve the following objectives:

• To analyze the role of media in forming public opinion.

• To debate whether media is reinforcing the gender stereotypes.

• To understand the impact of social media on society.

• To discuss the moral responsibility of media and the possibility of enforcement of ethics on media.

This conference intends to provide a platform to social scientists, media professionals, activists and academicians for in depth discussion on these issues. The deliberations of this conference are expected to culminate into recommendations for policy formulations which will be a step towards an egalitarian society.



• Socio-Economic and Environmental Issues and Media

• Role of Media as a Facilitator in Social Transformation

• Gender Issues and Media

• Role of Social Media in Everyday Life

• Role of Media in Shaping Public Opinion

• Media and Ethics


Important Dates:

Submission of Abstracts – 15 August 2015

Registration – 15 September 2015

Date of conference – 3-4 October, 2015


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