Call for Papers: Jamia Millia Islamia’s Seminar on Socio Legal Aspects of Disability in India [Nov 1 – 2, Delhi]: Register by Oct 29


Disability is a concept which is understood and interpreted by various social thinkers, jurists and social workers keeping in mind the inherent philosophy of the term in its actual sense.

Though the term ‘disability’ carries with it the assumption of a deficiency whether physical, mental or sensory in respect of some people but there are ample examples of the persons with disability proving their mettle, inspiring by their intellectuality, positive attitudes and outlook towards life.

As the term disability carries with it the connotation of a lack or deficiency, it has been defined primarily in terms of medical deficit.

However, it has to be acknowledged that the word disability is itself not a homogeneous category, subsuming under it different kinds of bodily variations, physical impairments, sensory deficits and mental or learning inadequacies, which may be either congenital or acquired.

Disability has been recognised as a human rights issue in the international arena, with the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of the Disabled Persons focusing attention on the needs of disabled people globally.

Keeping in mind the different situation posed by the disabled persons, it is important that their rights need to be understood and studied from various perspectives including human rights and laws in India which will help mitigate the gap between the abled and the differently abled persons in their attainment of persona and dignity in true sense of the term.

Through this Seminar an endeavour would be made to understand various socio legal aspects of disability and the laws in existence in India and abroad in order to make a systematic study on how these laws have contributed towards the development of legal status of the disabled persons.

The Seminar is intended to provide platform for lawyers, disability researchers and activists from across India and abroad to share their learning and perspectives on issues concerning socio-legal aspects of disability in India.

The intention is to not only explore the process of accessing justice through litigations and procedural justice practices but also explore matters concerning how law indirectly and often directly impacts the lives of people with disabilities in India.

The platform also intends to discuss both national and international laws that concern people with disabilities.

The International Seminar  has been conceptualized with the basic objective of taking stock of the progress made by India in the sphere of law, and creates a space for discussion on all matters pertaining to legal issues concerning disability.

The outcomes of the Seminar will be published in order to strengthen the existing knowledge framework on socio-legal aspects of disability in India.

This seminar is basically intended to open discussion in the following relevant areas:
  • Rights of Persons with Disabilities
  • Disability Law in India
  • Social Exclusion
  • Gender Rights
  • Inclusive Education
  • Access to Employment
  • International Instruments and Practices
  • Livelihood and Skill Development
  • Disability and Law: International Perspectives
  • Disability and Law in India
  • Affirmative Action and Disability
  • Legal Theoretical Frameworks and Disability Research
Important Dates 
Submission of Abstract: 10th August, 2017 
Intimation of Selection of Abstract: 10th September, 2017 
Submission of Full Paper: 10th October, 2017
Information of Selected Papers for Presentation: 24th October, 2017
Registration: From October 10th to October 24th, 2017
Last Date of Registration: 29th October, 2017
Registration Fees

Single Author: Rs. 800/-

Double Author: Rs. 1500/-

Attendees: Rs. 300/

Word Limit for Abstract

Abstract in 300 words in word file with details of author, designation, affiliation etc.

For more details contact:

Email: [email protected]

Rasheed CA, Assistant Professor, Sociology, Seminar Coordinator

Phone: 9818934159

Email: [email protected]

Prof. Nuzhat Parveen Khan, Dean, Faculty of Law

Email: [email protected]

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