Bombay HC: 14 yrs age restriction, but no height limit in Dahi Handi

In 2014, Bombay High Court had put some restrictions over participation in traditional festival of Dahi Handi, HC ruling restricts the participation of child below the age of 18 years in the aforesaid festival and had also imposed a height restriction of 20 ft for the pyramids as the participation of adolescent’s in the festival led to catastrophe because of lack of safety measures.

Aforementioned judgment of Bombay HC was challenged before SC by Maharastra State, NGO as well as by many individuals, however, SC referred the matter back to the high court directing it to hear the petitions afresh.

Bombay HC today modified its earlier aforementioned ruling, State has been vehemently relied on Child Labour (Prohibition and Regulation) Act 1986 which restrict children below 14 years from participating in human pyramids. Court accepts the contention and has approved that only children above 14 years of age can participate in the Dahi Handi festival and haven’t put any height limit.

Bombay HC also observed that “It’s not for the High Court to impose restrictions on the age of the participants and height of the pyramids as this falls exclusively in the domain of the state legislature.”

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