Backfire by Justice CS Karnan when SC issues warrant against him

Yesterday, when SC issued bailable warrant against sitting Calcutta HC judge Justice CS Karnan, Justice Karnan said the warrant issued by SC is “unconstitutional” and “an attempt to ruin” his life as he was a Dalit.

He by invoking the jurisdiction under Section 482 of the Criminal Procedure Code and Article 226 of the Indian Constitutionalso directs CBI to investigate against SC judges who issues warrant against him and Attorney General and submit report before proper court of law to hold an inquiry to see that if they have violated the provisions of  SC & ST (Prevention of Atrocities) Act, 1989 and Indian Penal Code.

Further, he direct the secretary generals of the Lok Sabha and the Rajya Sabha to place the entire facts of the case before the Speaker for appropriate inquiry under the Judges’ Enquiry Act. He also made a request to President of India to recall the bailable warrant illegally issued by the Supreme Court on 10.3.2017 and lift the non-work allotment ban of portfolio allocation and file a report within seven days before this Hon’ble Court.

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