Allahabad HC dismissed the plea raised against circular mandates the singing of National Anthem in Madrasas

Amidst the Circular issued by Uttar Pradesh’s Chief Minister which required s all madrasas in the state to record video of events organized on the occasion of Independence Day. Petitioner challenged the aforesaid circular on the ground that it envisages “forced patriotism” and cannot be enforced upon persons who do not want to sing or recite the National Anthem in light of their “belief and custom”.

Dismissing the Petitioner’s Plea, bench headed by Chief Justice Dilip B. Bhosale observed that ‘The message and ethos of our National Anthem and Flag therefore needs to be spread and inculcated in all educational institutions irrespective of their affiliation or denomination’.

Citing Article 51A of Constitution, bench also observed that “The recitation of the National Anthem is in essence the act of every citizen honouring the history and tradition of this great nation and ultimately subserves the promotion of a spirit of brotherhood amongst all without exception to the religious, lingual or regional affiliation of a particular individual.”

Court vehemently deplored the plea raised by Petitioner, court said he has been ignorant for his duty which constitution mandates irrespective of his religious and political beliefs.


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