Allahabad HC acquitted the Talwar’s in Aarushi’s Murde Case

Arushi’s Murder Case is an evident wriggle wherein the parents have been accused for being killing their daughter and servant. Special CBI Court found the parents guilty for murdering both and sentenced them to life imprisonment.

Aggrieved to the judgment of CBI Court, parents assailed the said judgment, Allahabad High Court acquitted couple for want of evidence. The court strongly chastised the manner  in which the parents were hold guilty by trial judge judge by annotating that “The learned trial Judge took evidence and the circumstances of the case for granted and tried to solve it like a mathematical puzzle when one solves a given question and then takes something for granted in order to solve that puzzle and question.”

Court further observed that “Trial Judge acted like a film Director, he has tried to thrust coherence amongst facts inalienably scattered here and there but not giving any coherence to the idea as to what in fact happened.”

Justice Mishra, who presided the bench as well as authored the judgment made a deprecating remark that “The trial Judge is supposed to be fair and transparent and should act as a man of ordinary prudence and he should not stretch his imagination to infinity rendering the whole exercise mockery of law,”. He further said it appeared that the trial court was “unaware” of the solemn duty cast by the law as the judge and dealt with the entire case “in style. A finesse”.

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