3rd KSOL Essay Competition 2015

Center for Intellectual Property Studies presents the “3rd KSOL Essay competition” organized by School of Law, KIIT University. Any student of law (LLB or LLM), Biotechnology or any other student from any recognised academic institution / university can participate.

Theme: Intellectual Property regime and the commercialization of bio genetic resources & associated traditional knowledge

Theme description:
Addressing such issues under the IPR regimes helps in preventing bio piracy but at the same time it does not guarantee the preservation and safeguarding of such resources and associated traditional knowledge.

These concerns call for consideration of various issues like conservation & sustainable development of these resources, Access and benefit sharing mechanism, technology transfer relating to various biotechnological innovations etc in analyzing the role of IPR regime in regulating the commercial exploitation of bio genetic resources and associated traditional knowledge.

Last date of submission of soft-copy: 5th February 2015

Last date of submission of hard-copy: 12th February 2015


INR 25000 as 1st Prize
INR 20000 as 2nd Prize
INR 15000 as 3rd Prize

Full details are HERE.

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